Episode 79: The 42 Swiss Guards and The Last Stand

As a mob of mercenaries loots the Holy See, 42 Swiss Guardsmen, all that remains of the 500 who started in the fight, fortify themselves on the steps of the Vatican, to make one desperate last stand to fulfill their holy mission and defend the Pope at all costs. Plus another pop culture history quiz, this time about the works of Shakespeare.

Episode 76: The Heavenly Kingdom On Earth

After failing a very difficult exam, a young man in China falls into a fever dream. He soon realizes the meaning of his dream, that he is the younger brother of Jesus Christ, destined to create a heavenly kingdom on Earth. His gospel will soon change forever the course of Chinese history, and cause ripple effects around the world. 

Episode 75: The Boy King Versus The Empires

In 1506, a child is born pre-maturely to the Queen of Hungary. Miraculously, Louis The Second survives, and grows up to ascend to the throne at just 10 years old. By his teens however, the two empires on Hungary’s doorstep are looking to seize his kingdom, and it will take another miracle if the young king wants to hold onto his birthright.